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weawow is a weather forecast service with beautiful photos by photographers.

You can enjoy weather forecasts with beautiful photos in various locations which can not done with conventional weather forecast in text format.
You can see beautiful scenes through photos in realistic visual such as fair, cloudy, rainy or snowy day and heat or cold. It makes possible to plan your travel more fulfilling.
Also, weather photo is not the same everyday for that location. Photo varies every day based on weather, season and the number of "wow".
Through weawow weather forecast you may encounter unexpected wonderful scenes which used to be boring weather forecast before.
Furthermore, if you take wonderful photos, you can post photos as a photographer and sell photos.
Royalty rate is 75% which is the industry top-class. Through daily weather forecast search, you can showcase your photos to people all over the world.
Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie unseren Service "wíwow" aussprechen würde. Das "Wea" in unserem Namen kommt von "Weather".


Name der Firmaweawow Inc.
Gründungsdatum1. November 2016
Adresse2-26-1-602, Tsurumaki, Tama-shi, Tokyo, Japan
CEOKei Shinohara (Facebook, Linkedin)

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