Weawow is a weather forecast service with beautiful photos by photographers.
The photos reflect the current weather at your location, showing you whether it’s fair, cloudy, rainy, snowy, so you can decide whether you’ll need your umbrella or your sunglasses when you go out.
When you open the Weawow app, you’re likely to encounter unexpected "Wow" photos, rather than a boring, text-based forecast. And that’s not all: if you take "Wow" photos yourself, you can post your "Wow" photos from our Website. Then, we can integrate them into the app, where they’ll be seen by weather watchers all over the world (the app is available in over 50 languages).
Furthermore, if you take "Wow" photos, you can post photos as a photographer and sell photos.
Royalty rate is 75% which is the industry top-class. Through daily weather forecast search, you can showcase your photos to people all over the world.
The Weawow is sustained by user donations. If you like the Weawow and want to support the Weawow project, please donate to us.
Of course, this is not mandatory, so please feel free to use the app.

Operating company

Weawow Inc.
2-26-1-602, Tsurumaki, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-0034 Japan
CEO, Kei Shinohara (Facebook, Linkedin)


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WMO International Weather Apps Awards 2020
WMO International Weather Apps Awards 2020
Award for design and presentation of information – user-friendliness, access, customization
Award for submissions from the private sector

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