Cookie Policy

The Cookies, when browsing the web screen, by sending a small data file from the server of the web site to the user's browser, is a technology that provides the user a more convenient function.

Purpose of Cookies

It is not included in the information which an individual can be identified in the Cookies sent as a data file in Weawow ("Service"). The main purpose of the Cookies of this Service is to provide an efficient Service to the Users who visit repeatedly. The concrete purposes are as follows:

  • The user of the behavior of this service in the log out (Wow, Follow, etc.) recorded in a Cookies, to reflect the recorded action in the Cookies when you log in to the user's database.
  • When a user logs in, so that save the trouble of input.
  • After the user has logged in, in order to transition to the desired page.
  • For the understanding and improve the quality of user trend.

Retention period of Cookies

The length of time Cookies is to stay on your computer or mobile device, it will depend on whether it is a "permanent" or "session" Cookies. Session Cookies, you can stay on the user of the device until the user stops viewing. Persistent Cookies until the expiration date is deleted or expires, it will stay on your computer or mobile device.

How to set the Cookies

Please change from the setting of the Cookies of the PC browser or mobile browser of the user ( "Settings" and "Tools" function). If you set your browser to disable the Cookies and other technologies, there is a possibility that this Service may not work properly, but please understand.


This service is used to ensure and improve the quality to understand the user's tendency to take advantage of the analytical tools of third parties such as Google Analytics. It protects the use standards set in the "About Cookie" even if you take advantage of third-party analysis tools.
Method of outage of privacy policies and Cookie in a third-party analysis tools (opt-out) visit is the following.
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Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

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