Photo selling guide

We have put together explanations that can help you sell your photo. Please read this carefully before selling.


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Photo selling process

Register information as a photographer and apply for marketing approval for each photo. Once the application is accepted, you can start selling photos.


Post photo

Create free Weawow account and log in. And post your photos.


Sales setting

Set up for photo selling and apply for.


Start selling

Photo selling will be approved if it meets the criteria, the photos can be sold all over the world.

2.Sales terms of photo

When selling photos, you must comply with the following terms of sale.
If you sell your photo in violation of these terms, you may be prosecuted for copyright or privacy infringement.

  • Photos are taken by you and copyrights belongs to you. (Photos are taken by others are not allowed.)
    If you post or sell photos taken by others as your own work, you will be punished by an infringement of copyrights.
  • Photo with no identifiable person.
  • Photo that does not show a specific building as the main subject.
  • Photo that does not show sculpture, work of art, company name, product name, logo, etc.
  • Photo with good resolution.
  • Photo that does not show prominent text such as shooting date, copyright, or camera app name.
  • Photo that does not show something that other people don't like, such as a large insect.
  • Photo that does not contain margins.

Important notice

By selling photos, various companies and individuals may use the photo in advertising, media and products.
If your photos violate the copyright or personal rights, companies and people who use this photo will file a claim for damages against us.
Damages for infringement can be very high.You cannot sell a photo that you retrieve from search engines or other people's blogposts, because the owner of the website has the copyrights.
Please only sell photos for which YOU own the copyright.

3.Infringement of portrait rights

Everyone has personal rights. If you publish and sell a photo that shows a person without their permission, you will be prosecuted for violating their image rights. So you can not publish / sell this photo on Weawow.

Here are common definition for personally identifiable photo. You can not post/sell.

  1. Photo with person's face
    Photo with person's face
  2. Only person's back but it can be recognized an individual
    Only person's back but it can be recognized an individual
  3. Baby's photo
    Baby's photo
  4. Persons who are even recognizable/identifiable without showing their face.
    Persons who are even recognizable/identifiable without showing their face.

Another example is a tattoo, which can be unique to that person.
If someone sees this image and identifies the particular person, it means that the photo is personally identifiable.

Also, here are common definition for photo which does not enable the identification of the specific individual.

  1. Only legs and hands
    Only legs and hands
  2. Only body silhouette
    Only body silhouette
  3. Only person's back and it can not be recognized an individual
    Only person's back and it can not be recognized an individual
  4. Not clear
    Not clear

In this case, you can post/sell your photo.
If you are not sure whether personally identifiable photo such as side profile or part of face, we recommend that you do not post/sell the photo.

4.Infringement of other rights

Unlike people, you can infringe copyrights, privacy rights, or design rights if your photo shows certain features such as buildings, businesses, statues, art objects, company names, logos, trademarks, furniture etc.
In other words, if owners see their possessions as a main motive on your photo they might assume a violation of their copyright. This could result in a court trial.

Here are common example for photo which belong to other owner.

  • Buildings

    Photos are taken in distinctive property such as architecture, building or landmarks and if the property is main subject, you can not post/sell that photo on Weawow.
    On the other hand, building is not main subject, for instance, panoramatic townscape can be posted and sold without permission.
    Since there is no clear definition on what the main subject is, we want to emphasize the risk you face.

  • Taking a photo on private property

    If you are on privately owned property or in a public facility such as a theme park, zoo, restaurant, museum or friend's house, and you want to publish or sell the photo you took on Weawow, you need a permission of the owner/manager.

  • Logo, Trademark

    Photos on which shop signs, company logos, trademarks (fashion manufacturers), etc. can be identified, may NOT be posted. No CAMERA names either.
    The world is overflowing with logos and trademarks. However, you can retouch the photos so that such emblems or references can no longer be identified.

Terms of use

Before selling your photo, please read Weawow Terms of use carefully and understand it fully.

Terms of use
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