Details of the collected data to be provided

When the User permits to provide the User's location data to the third party in accordance with a special permission request from the Weawow, the Weawow collects the User's location data that cannot be identified the individual, the Weawow might privide the User's location data as a marketing data to the third party. This is for Android App only. The User can opt-out at any time from the settings screen in the app, even once the User has allowed to provide location data to a third party.

Provider list

Tutela Technologies Ltd.

Why Tutela collects data.

Tutela collect data so that Tutela can help companies in the mobile industry better understand their networks, understand trends in user and device behavior on aggregate, design effective marketing campaigns, and improve their wireless networks. Tutela typically use data to identify areas where there are poor WiFi or cellular signals so that wireless carriers can fix their network issues and improve performance for their subscribers.

What data Tutela collect.

  • Device Characteristics

    Example: Device Make, Model, OS Version, Screen Resolution
    Wireless device details are required to identify if specific network issues are limited to a device type.

  • Location

    Required to aggregate and plot network performance on a map to convey network coverage.

  • Connection Details

    Example: Service provider Name, Roaming Details, Cell Tower Name, MB Used
    Used to separate data and results by operator and compare their performance, and congestion, to help with competitive analysis.

  • Connection Quality

    Example: Download Speed, Network Latency, Signal Strength
    Used to evaluate the performance of wireless networks.

  • Video and media service performance

    Example: Playback Errors, Buffering Interval, latency response time
    Used to evaluate wireless networks, and common services such as video. Test videos are downloaded in the background.

  • Mobile Advertiser ID

    Used only according to digital advertiser alliance guidelines to create marketing campaigns targeted at educating user segments which are underserved by their operator.

How to opt-out

Weawow Android App > Side menu on upper left of the screen > Settings > Providing location data => Turn OFF

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